Advantages of parking in the garage

Whether you are a resident of Split or you are visiting the city with your tin pet, you will very quickly notice the parking problem that the city faces every day.

In addition to the fact that the number of parking spaces is disproportionate to the number of cars in the city, the available parking spaces are inappropriate and unorganized, and when it comes to parking lots near the center, quite expensive, if you ever happen to find a free space.

The cheapest parking lot in Split, near the city center, offers a solution to all of the above problems. Leave your car safely at Spinčićeva Ulica 2D at the best prices!

Split Parking

Why park your car in a garage?

Most of the parking spaces within the city of Split, whether they are private or public parking lots, are of the open type, and many parking spaces are also located on the side of the city’s narrow streets. The risk of another car damaging yours when passing on the street, during everyday traffic or when leaving the parking space is always present, and in order to avoid such unpleasant situations and keep your mirrors in place, the safest choice is to park in a garage.

The Split City Parking garage is under constant video surveillance by more than 100 cameras. Also, for all owners of large SUVs, we have provided more than 60 XXL parking spaces, so that they can comfortably accommodate their tin pets.

By parking in a garage, you protect your car from disasters such as sudden hailstorms that can cause serious damage to your car, but also the influence of the sun, which the city of Split is known for, and can cause your car’s paint to disintegrate.

The city of Split is also known for strong gales and other winds during the winter months, so by leaving your car in the Marina or in other parking lots near the coast, you expose your car to being flooded with seawater during windy weather.

split parking

Visit our garage!

The garage is only a 10-minute walk from the historic center of Split, which, in addition to various cultural attractions, has a ferry port, a central bus and train station, and a harbor for excursion boats.

Above the garage, in the building, there is a shopping complex that includes a SPAR supermarket, a DM drugstore, a pharmacy, a bank, and clinics where you can take a COVID test if you need it to continue your journey, and near the garage is the main Dalmatian public hospital, KBC Firule.

Parking prices range from just 2 euros per hour or 20 euros for daily parking. By parking in our garage, you get the best value for your money, because parking in our garage is up to three times cheaper than parking in other locations in the city.


How to secure your place?

So that parking in Split does not cause you problems, leave your car in an attractive location near the city center in one of more than 300 parking spaces.

While hourly parking does not need to be reserved separately, if you need a parking space for the whole day or longer, it is advisable to make an earlier reservation. Cancellation is free.

You can reserve and secure your parking space in the most convenient garage in Split using the form that you can find on the official website of Split City Parking, as well as by phone, email, or WhatsApp!

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