Parking near the ferry port in Split

You’re headed to Split, but you don’t know where to park your car while you’re waiting for the ferry, or you just want to take a walk around the city? Then you’re in luck! This article will provide you with all the information you need to keep your car safe near the ferry port in Split.

Overview of Split ferry port

Split, which is also the largest city on the Adriatic coast and the second largest city in Croatia, is considered the capital of Dalmatia. The main ferry port in Croatia is Split, which is well-connected to numerous Croatian islands and even Italy. Various catamaran lines connect Split with the Croatian islands.

The ferry port in Split is located a short distance from the lively medieval center of the city, where you can see Diocletian’s Palace and other buildings, and it is also close to several well-known beaches. In front of the ferry port that connects Split with other cities in Europe and Croatia, there are the main bus and train stations.

Split ferry port

The Split ferry port is located in the heart of the city, just a few minutes walk from the main shops and restaurants. Several parking options are available near the port, including street parking and garage parking.

Street parking near the ferry port is limited and can be expensive. However, other parking options are available, including private car parks and garages.

At the ferry port, you can find several ticket counters, several ATMs, different types of shops, souvenir stands, a post office, bars, restaurants, fast food stands, etc. If you need something else, you can always walk to the city center which is a few minutes away walking, where you can find everything you need.

Convenient locations for parking near the ferry port

If you are looking for a place to park near the ferry port in Split, there are several practical options available to you.

There are many outdoor parking lots located just a few minutes walk from the ferry terminal. In most cases, these parking lots are for cars, motorcycles, and campers, and are open 24 hours a day.

If you are worried that someone will damage your car in the outdoor parking lot, Split City Parking garage is for you. Our garage has more than 300 parking spaces and 100 surveillance cameras, so you can be sure that your car will be safe in our garage.

What sets our garage apart from the rest are the XXL parking spaces, 60 of them to be exact. With a width of 3.4 meters and a length of over 6 meters, the XXL parking spaces in our garages create perfect conditions for parking your tin pet!

No matter which parking option you choose, you will find that there are many convenient parking locations near the ferry port in Split.

garage parking

Affordable parking near the pier for cruise ships

The cheapest parking in Split, which is located near the pier for cruise ships, is our garage. The garage is only a few minutes walk from the ferry port and offers competitive prices for daily and hourly parking. In addition, there is no need to worry about finding a place because our garage has plenty of space for all types of vehicles.

The garage is only a 10-minute walk from the center of Split, which means that you will be a step away from the main events in Split, and at the same time free from thinking about the safety of your car. Next to the garage, you can also find numerous cultural sights, a bus and ferry station, and a ferry port.

The garage is only 2 minutes from the sea, which makes its position perfect for anyone who doesn’t like to walk a lot. The price of our garage is only 2 EUR per hour or 25 EUR for a daily ticket.

Benefits of parking in the garage

Parking in a garage will protect your car from the elements. This is especially important if you are parked for a long time, as exposure to the sun and rain can damage your car.

Parking in a garage will deter thieves and vandals from attacking your car due to the large number of cameras installed in garages. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that your car is safe. Many garages offer discounts for long-term parking, so be sure to ask about them when looking for a parking spot to get the best deal.

Split old town

Parking in the Split old town

The old town’s street parking isn’t the ideal option because it can be congested and parking there can be difficult to come by. However, there are a few things to remember when looking for parking near the old town.

First, be aware of the one-way streets. Many of the streets in the Split old town are one-way, so you’ll need to be careful when navigating. Make sure you’re going the right way before you enter a street.

Second, watch out for parking restrictions. There are many areas in the Split old town where parking is not allowed. Be sure to read the signs carefully so that you don’t get a ticket.

Third, be prepared for a bit of a walk. The old town is compact and walking is the best way to get around. If you’re not used to walking long distances, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and pack light.

Fourth, have some coins handy for meter parking. Many of the parking spots in Split old town require coins for the meter. Be sure to have some small changes with you so that you can pay for your spot.

Fifth, be patient when looking for a spot. Parking can be tricky in the Split old town, so it may take a while to find an available place. Don’t get frustrated – just keep looking until you find something that works for you!

parking near ferry port


Parking can be a real hassle near the ferry port in Split. However, with careful planning and research, there are many options to choose from.

From public parking lots to private garages, you can find a good spot to suit your needs and budget. Remember to arrive at the port early enough to have time to park your car before boarding the ferry!

Garages are often the best option when traveling into the unknown. We hope that this article has made navigating parking lots in Split a little easier.

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