The Cheapest Parking in Split, Croatia

Would you like to know how to find the cheapest parking in Split, Croatia? Probably yes. 

Fortunately, we stumbled upon this little gem last year, which can make our life much easier. Whether you are coming from the airport or want to spend some time in Split before boarding your ferry, you will want to know where the cheapest parking in Split is! 

Trust us; this will save you money! 

parking garaža u Splitu


The parking space is only a 10-minute walk from the historical centre of Split. 

In addition to numerous cultural attractions, there is a ferry port, a central bus and train station, and a port for excursion boats. 

Parking is only a 2-minute walk from the sea with numerous beaches, hotels, cafes, restaurants, marinas, tennis courts, swimming pools and other attractive facilities. 

Split City Parking is ideal for those looking for a cheap parking option without taking their car far away from where they want to spend most of their time visiting the old town. 

As locals know, there is a parking lot close by, but it can be costly, so you might want to consider other options before deciding which one would suit your budget best. 

This place also offers free Wi-Fi and is excellent if you’re looking for a place to charge your phone or laptop. If you don’t have any devices that require charging, then perhaps take advantage of exploring the area more closely since it has lots of shops and restaurants nearby offering a great selection of food at reasonable prices. 

Some lovely souvenir shops offer a variety of unique gifts and memorabilia from different cities worldwide, including ones from Split itself.

Where to park

There are several parking options for those who have chosen to travel by car to enjoy their time spent on the Adriatic coast. 

The benefit of driving is that you can visit cities without spending a fortune on public transportation and still enjoy some of its cultural assets. However, in big cities like Zagreb or Dubrovnik, parking spots can be challenging to find and expensive. 

Regarding parking fees, they differ depending on whether it’s public or private property, but most of them charge between 15-20kn/hour, while private spots usually go up as high as 50kn/hour if you’re willing to park there. Avoid paying for parking altogether, and avoid going into city centres during peak hours. 

If you must drive around, try to park your car somewhere outside of town so that you won’t need to pay anything at all. If you plan to stay overnight, consider getting an overnight pass from your hotel or motel, saving you money and keeping traffic at bay. 

You can also buy an annual pass from your local authority, which will give you access to all municipal lots throughout the year at a reduced rate per hour compared with daily rates. 

It may seem like too much work, but if saving money is essential, it’s worth looking into these options before heading out on your trip!

How to Park in Split

How Much to Expect To Pay For Parking

60% cheaper than other public parking lots and garages near the centre of Split.

If you’re planning on staying for a night or two, finding a space in one of Split’s parking lots should cost between 10€ to 20€. 

You might be able to find some spaces close to 5€ or so if you look hard enough, but don’t plan on it. While still expensive by most people’s standards, parking is reasonably cheap compared to other European destinations (or even just American ones). But what about free parking? Free Parking: In short, free parking is an urban myth. 

There are no free spots anywhere in Split—though there are a few areas where you can park for free and get away with it. But there’s nothing wrong with paying for your spot if you can afford it—it’ll save you time and hassle later on. So how much will you have to pay?

Tips When Parked at Your Destination

It is good to pull as close to an entrance or exit when parking at your destination. This makes it easier to get out of your car when leaving and ensures that you are not taking up two spots. This is a smart way to save money on parking at your destination and also helps with traffic flow. 

You can also get into trouble for taking up more than one spot if you park too far away from an entrance or exit. It’s best to avoid these issues by ensuring enough room around your vehicle. 

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