What to do in Split in one day?

Split, the second-largest city in Croatia, is famous for its cultural attractions, pristine beaches, and diverse nightlife scene. In recent years, Split has grown to be a well-liked tourism attraction, receiving millions of visits annually from both domestic and foreign tourists. 

Considering all the people that are coming to Split, it can be hard to find parking in Split, especially parking near the old town, during the tourism season. Learn more about Split’s top attractions, which draw so many visitors each year, in the sections below.


If your time in Split is limited to one day or less, we recommend visiting Diocletian’s Palace first. This visit includes a walk through the old town and seeing all the important buildings inside the palace such as the Splitski Peristil, Square, the Museum of the City of Split in the Papalić Palace, and the Golden Gate.

The next thing we recommend is a walk along Split’s Riva (Split’s waterfront), and enjoying the Mediterranean atmosphere. It would be a good idea to sit down in one of the cafes on the Riva and enjoy the atmosphere with the local people.

Then, you should definitely visit one of Split’s beaches, first of all, Bačvice. You can try playing picigin, of course only if the weather is good for swimming. And at the end, you should visit one of the attractions on Marjan, such as the top of Marjan Hill, or the walking trail.

Take a walk along the Split waterfront

Splitska Riva is the most famous promenade in Split and beyond. Riva is a special place for the people of Split. It is the place of the most important political, social, and entertainment events.

The waterfront is also a place for romantic walks, first loves, and socializing. If you look around, you will see people on the Riva in a fairly relaxed atmosphere and a true Mediterranean spirit. 

Along with a walk along the Riva, you can have ice cream or pancakes. You can sit down in one of the numerous cafes and enjoy your favorite drink with the sun and the sea.

The biggest festival on the Riva takes place every year on May 7, when the patron saint of the city, Saint Duje, is celebrated in Split. The celebration takes place throughout the day, from the morning mass with the Croatian bishops to the evening entertainment program and concerts by famous Split performers.

Splitska vyvrací

Visit the old town

Visiting the old town is what you should do when you come to Split. It is the heart and soul of Split, located in a Roman palace dating back to the early 4th century, which was allegedly built by Emperor Diocletian as his retirement home. 

Every visit to Split, short or long, is inevitably focused on wandering through Split’s narrow stone streets, discovering hidden alleys, and enjoying the beautiful architecture and popular Split sights. A unique old town squeezed inside the walls of an ancient Roman palace, the Split waterfront is full of people day and night.

The old town is easy to visit, although the maze of stone streets is not always easy to navigate. We always “get lost”, no matter how well we know the old town. But don’t worry, this makes the visit even more interesting, and with so much history, you always discover new details, alleys, and passageways.

The whole palace is one huge historical place, but it is also the center of daily life in Split. This is where you will spend most of your time in Split. Also, most of the attractions, restaurants, bars, shops, and people are there.

Diocletian’s palace

Diocletian’s Palace, which is the most important cultural tourist attraction in Split, was built during the reign of Emperor Diocletian, a Roman ruler known as a persecutor of Christians. He spent the last few years of his life in his luxurious palace.

The palace is located in the very core of the city of Split. Although it is called a “palace”, it is more like a large tower surrounded by walls and towers. The Golden Gate is the most beautiful entrance to Diocletian’s Palace, and it is almost completely preserved.

Take a break for lunch and visit the best restaurants in the center

There is nothing better than lunch with the most beautiful view of the sea or the city in Split. 

Restaurant Adriatic offers you a view of Šolta and Brač. Below it, there is the ACI Marina where you can have a fine fish dinner in the Zrno soli restaurant with another view of the marina, ships, and Split.

Grgur Ninski Statue where you can make your wish

The statue Grgur Ninski, which is located near the Golden Gate, is the masterpiece of Ivan Meštrović, the most famous Croatian sculptor. Grgur Ninski was a medieval bishop and advocate of worship in vernacular languages. This is why he is celebrated as a Croatian national hero.

socha Gregora Ninského

Climb Marjan Hill and get a beautiful view of Split

In the past, Marjan was a place known as the abode of hermits. No wonder, because Marjan is completely naturally preserved. Today, Marjan is a place for recreation, excursions, sports activities, and jogging, and Marjan’s beaches Kašjuni, Bene, and Kaštelet are also famous.

There are more things to do in Split than what we’ve included here; if you only have a day to spend there, though, this is a good place to start.

The most convenient one-day parking in Split

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