XXL parking spaces in Split

Split has the most significant number of tourists in the summer because of its beautiful sea, many outdoor activities, and fantastic festivals. While these are all great reasons for visiting Split, they also mean many other people will get the same idea. This means that public parking will be overcrowded, and you won’t stand a chance of finding a spot.

Why should you then get around with a car when visiting Split? If you plan on doing any activity around the city or even in different parts, you’ll need a personal vehicle to get around. You’ll also take a trip to the charming neighbouring smaller towns and mountains such as Mosor and Biokovo, or go rafting on the river Cetina. 

Even if you plan on visiting some of the marvelous Croatian islands while in Split or going somewhere even further, you could use a car since you’ll travel by ferry.

Finding a public parking spot in the summer can be challenging, and it’s almost impossible if you’re looking for a good parking spot. However, whether you’re visiting Split in your own car or renting a car in the town itself, you’ll need good parking in Split. This is where Split City Parking comes in with its vast and affordable offer of different parking places near the city center.

What are XXL parking places?

As mentioned, a car is valuable when visiting the Dalmatian coast around Split and the town. However, numerous activities mean you’ll have a lot of stuff in the car. This is especially true for large families with smaller children or people with personal equipment such as paddle boards or diving gear. The problem arises when you must take all that stuff out of the car in a small parking place. 

This is where XXL parking spaces come in. These are specially designed spots for convenient parking, which are 3,4 m wide and 6 m long. This means that any family vehicle or larger van fits in them, and you can take out your stuff easily. Garage Firule offers more than 60 spacious parking spots with 24/7 customer support and more than 100 surveillance cameras.

XXL parking places

Benefits of using XXL parking spaces

The first benefit you get with XXL parking spaces is easy parking in and out of them. You don’t have to worry about the car next to you or if you’ve occupied two parking spaces. With XXL parking, you can rest assured that your car isn’t taking space from neighboring lots, and you can park in whichever way you like.

The second benefit is how easy it is to take all your travel gear out of the car. No matter the number of suitcases, beach gear, parasols, paddle boards, or baby carriages, you’ll have plenty of space for getting them in and out of the car. You can be sure that while doing so, you won’t bump into neighboring cars or block other people trying to park at that moment.

XXL parking spaces are also great for people with disabilities. They offer enough space for installing the disabled ramp to aid in getting in and out of the car. It’s often the case in regular parking spots that even though there might be space for a ramp, it’s not taken into consideration that people with disabilities usually ride in larger vehicles suitable for their wheelchairs. Hence, the parking spots need to be bigger for both factors.

XXL parking spaces also offer comfort, even if you don’t have a particular reason for needing a large parking space. They guarantee that the neighbor’s car won’t scratch yours and that you can escape it at your own pace.

Locations of XXL parkings in Split

Our Split City Parking Garage Firule is the only place in town to offer XXL parking spaces. It’s located near the city center, only 10 minutes from Split’s historical town core. Our garage is also near the ferry port and the central bus and train stations, but what’s even more important is that it’s a 2-minute walk to the sea. 

Thanks to this, you can get XXL parking spaces for quickly taking your stuff out of the car, only a few minutes walk from numerous beaches, hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants, as well as different kinds of sport activities.

If you’re looking for parking in Split near large grocery stores or malls, Split City Parking Garage is it. Not only is it near different shops, but there is a small shopping center with restaurants and cafes on top of the garage itself. You can do all your shopping or get a coffee only a few minutes away from the car, and XXL parking spaces will allow you to load your groceries into the car quickly.

This is also the best parking place when going to the hospital because there is one only 20 meters away from the Garage Firule. In this way, you can be sure you’ll have a secure spot if you need to take an emergency hospital visit or a COVID test, which can also be done in the garage building.

Locations of XXL parkings

What are the prices for XXL parking in Split?

XXL parking spaces are not only convenient but also affordable. You can get a 24-hour parking spot in more than 60 XXL parking spaces for as little as 20 euros daily. Our prices for XXL parking are even more affordable if you consider the benefits you get with them. We offer prices that are 60% cheaper than other Split public parking spots or private garages while providing numerous benefits you won’t find in any other place.


XXL parking spaces are invaluable in the peak tourist season when a good parking space is hard to find. It’s also great news that you can reserve a parking space online before visiting Split, so you can rest assured once you enter the town. 

Split City Parking Garage is the only place in town that offers these kinds of parking spaces, perfect when traveling with family, sporting equipment, and for people with disabilities. XXL parking spots are practical and affordable, making them the best option when going on vacation in Split.

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