Where to park in Split, Croatia? 

Split, like many other Mediterranean cities, has congested traffic. 

Because the Old Town and the area directly surrounding it are mainly designated for walkers and are closed to all vehicle traffic except supply cars, trucks, and permanent residents, first-time visitors to Split frequently get lost when navigating around the city centre. 

The massive number of people, workers, tourists, travellers, and residents flocking to the Old Town — particularly during the summer months — means that parking spaces are in short supply. 

Furthermore, most cars parked in the small ring around Old Town are metered.

Parkings on the street and larger parking spaces are both charged by the hour. They can be paid with coins at one of the numerous parking machines, by text message, or at the exit booths in the event of parking lots. 

However, the most convenient option is to use Split City Parking, which allows you to pay for parking using your smartphone.

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Parking Free in Split Croatia

Not all parking spots in town are monetized, and only those explicitly labelled in blue paint are paid. 

The majority of Split’s residential areas, particularly those far from the Old Town, get their free parking lots. 

Street parking in Split Croatia

Although street parking is believed to be the cheapest option, it’s often not easy to locate an available spot. 

Street parking is denoted by white stripes as well as a blue traffic symbol with the letter P

The fee is determined by the parking zone as well as the number of hours your vehicle will be parked.

Prices per hour range from 60 kunas, depending on your proximity to the historical centre (take into account that the historical part with major attractions is primarily a pedestrian zone). 

You can pay by putting money into the supplied automatic machine or sending a text from your phone. 

Every machine displays an SMS number, and each text message is good for one hour of parking. You will receive an SMS warning only a few minutes before your parking time runs out.

Also, don’t forget to keep the parking receipt visible (the most widely used is the front dashboard of your car or rental). 

Keep in mind that yellow-labelled parking spaces are reserved for the disabled. The best part regarding street parking is that it is usually free at sundown and on Sundays and holidays.

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Parking Lots in Split Croatia

There are parking lots in addition to street parking. The price of these lots ranges between 5 and 10 kunas for every hour, based on the zone. 

The split parking system is categorized into four, and car parks in the zones closest to the city centre are naturally more expensive. For example, parking at the Riva Promenade will cost you 20 kunas for the first hour and 25 kunas for each subsequent hour. 


No matter where you decide to leave your car or rental, try to make sure it is not blocking pedestrians or going to break any traffic rules regarding illegal parking, or your car may be towed away.

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