Where to park in Split?


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Parking in Split can be a nightmare. With the increase of cars, parking spaces are becoming scarce and drivers are having to spend more time searching for a parking spot. The big guide will help you find the best place to park in Split and avoid the traffic.

Split is a coastal city with an urban population of 200,000 people. This means that there is limited space for parking, which can often lead to traffic jams and frustration.

The best way to find a free parking spot is to use your navigation system or smartphone app, but if you don’t have either of those things, there are some other ways to find a spot near where you need it.

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Best Places to Park in Split

Stari Plac, Manerova, Vukovarska, and Trg Hrvatske bratske zajednice are the four main parking lots for people staying in and near the Old Town.

Parking at the ferry port is in the heart of town, only 200 meters from the old city. It is about 50 meters from the ferry and it’s connected to the bus and train station. 

This parking lot is the nearest, safest, and most affordable option for parking your car. Buses and campers can also park in this parking lot.

Meanwhile, Riva is the closest parking lot to the Old Town, but the hourly charge there is substantially higher, costing 20 kn for the first hour and an additional 25 kn for each successive hour.

However, if you use our services, you can acquire this at a lower price.

The cost of parking on the street and in bigger parking lots is determined hourly. They can be paid with coins at one of the many parking machines, through text message, or at the checkout booths of parking lots. 

However, you can pay for parking through our website, which allows you to pay for parking using your phone, and is the most convenient choice. 

Parking in Split

How to Park in Split?

Parking in Split can be a challenge, as the city is known for its narrow streets. The best way to find a parking spot is to use an online map or app that will show you the nearest available parking area.

The best way to park in Split is to use Split City Parking. Our website lets you find and reserve a parking spot in the city of Split with just one click!

There are three parking zones in Split. The first one is for residents, the second one is for short-term parking and the third one is for long-term parking.

The first step is to find a free space in the first or second zone. If there are no free parking spaces, then you can find a spot in the third zone which has a higher price and it’s usually used by people who come from outside of Split to visit the city for a few days.

After you have found your spot, you need to buy a ticket which costs about 15 kunas (around 2 euros). Then, go back to your car and put that ticket on your windshield so that it can be scanned by the traffic police officer. But if you’re paying through SMS or online payment, you don’t need to go through the hassle of going back to your car after each hour.

How to Park in Split

Parking Tips for Travelers Visiting Splits

Not all parking spaces in town are monetized, and only those marked in blue paint are paid parking. The majority of Split’s residential areas, especially those furthest from the Old Town, have their own free parking lots. 

Visitors staying in the Old Town who do not plan to use their cars for more than a few days may wish to consider keeping their cars or rentals parked for free outside of the city center.

Please make sure that wherever you park your automobile, it is not blocking pedestrian traffic or violating any traffic rules about illegal parking, or your car will be towed away.

Prices for Parking

Split has a high number of tourists due to its proximity to the Adriatic Sea and its historical monuments. The price for parking in Split is charged per hour and varies depending on the location. 

The prices for parking in Split are not the cheapest. They are about 10-15 kn for an hour of parking a car. The price for daily parking is about 100-250 kn.

With us, you can find the cheapest parking in Split. 

Split City Parking is great for people looking for a low-cost parking option, which is close to where they want to spend the majority of their time exploring the old town.

Security Tips

To park safely in Split, without worrying about someone scratching or damaging your car, you’d need to park your car in a garage. Especially if you’re planning to stay in Split for a longer period of time. In this case, you should check out our garage.

It’s a covered garage within a 10-minute walk from Split’s historic center, where you’ll find a ferry port, a central bus and train station, and a port for excursion boats, among other things. 

The beach, hotels, cafes, restaurants, marina, tennis courts, swimming pools, and other interesting attractions are all only a 2-minute walk away.

Park your car in our 24/7 garage and relax. Over 100 surveillance cameras are installed in our parking lot so you don’t need to worry about thieves. We have 63 XXL parking places with a width of 3,4 m and a length of up to 6 m.

Security Tips parking

Yes, you can park for free in Split. Free parking in Split is often located far away from the centre, at the edge of the city. 

If you want to walk to the centre and make sure your car is safe, Split City Parking is the best for you, located just 10 minutes from the centre.

If you need to leave your car for a day or a week in a safe place, Split City Parking is the cheapest option and is just 10 minutes from the centre.

The Old Town is made for pedestrians only and vehicles are not allowed to drive there.

The best way to explore Split is by car. When you wish to walk around the centre or go to the islands, you can leave it in our garage.

The roads in Split are good, so driving in this city is easy. You shouldn’t worry about the traffic.

XXL parking spaces are available in our Split City Parking garage. They are 3,4 m wide and 6 m long.


Parking in Split is something that many tourists and locals struggle with. There are a variety of parking options located around the city, but they all come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The best thing to do is to explore the different options and choose the one that suits you best.

Split is a city with many parking options. The best option for you will depend on your needs and what you are looking for. If you are looking for a parking spot that is close to the center of the city, then you should check out our garage. 

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